Friday, 9 May 2014


We managed to get away for a few days in the second week of the school holidays. I was still recovering from my tonsillectomy but was out of bed and was well enough to make the trip. Sitting on the beach in the warm sun was a lovely place to continue my recovery, and we had the added bonus of grandparents to play with the kids as well!

While I read on the beach the kids had a great time exploring rock pools, making sandcastles and enjoying the chance to swim in the ocean. We were blessed with beautiful beach weather!

with grandad

The kids also did a spot of fishing with not much success, but J did manage to catch a couple of small fish that we threw right back in!


My family comes from the north coast, so I had the chance to catch up with various aunts and uncles and cousins who I don't get to see too often, which was great. I also had the chance to go for a drive with Dave one afternoon (thanks mum and dad for babysitting!), to a tiny cemetery outside of Coolongolook and track down a few of my ancestors' graves. The one I was really keen to find (and did!) was that of Joseph Woodward. He was one of my many convict ancestors I discovered in my family tree research last year. He was found guilty of incendiarism as part of the Nottingham riots in 1831 and sentenced to death, but eventually had that sentence changed to transportation on appeal. While we were living in the UK we visited the place of the crime as well as the court room where he was tried and the gaol in which he was kept (here's my blog post about that little expedition if you're interested!). Once he arrived in Australia and had served his sentence he became a respected community member and lived until he was over one hundred! That was an amazing age to live to at the time, and even more amazing when you think of how close to death he was. It was wonderful to go to the place where his story ended, and reflect on just one of the many incredible stories that form part of my family story.

And now we're back to reality. We've had sick kids since we arrived back home, including one who still hasn't made it back to school yet! Still, I am grateful for a few days when we were all well and could enjoy some time together.

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Trevor Cairney said...

Yes, it was a wonderful holiday in a beautiful place.