Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tonsillectomy - day 11

Eleven days post-tonsillectomy and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel! For some reason tonsillectomy in adults is quite a nasty operation to recover from, compared with the same operation in children, so it will still be a while before I've fully recovered. It hurts to talk and eat and I and am only eating tiny amounts of cold food, but at day 11 at least I can talk and eat a little now. A huge relief! I won't scare you with all the gory details - there are enough other internet sites that can do that (just google 'adult tonsillectomy' and you'll see what I mean!) - but let's just say it hasn't been the best week and a half of my life. 

That being said, in a strange kind of way, being in the midst of such a hard time has made me more conscious of the good blessings God has given me. I'll share a few with you:

* A good medical team - no problems so far anyway! 

* A very supportive family. Dave has been amazing - juggling caring for me and the kids and work over the past week and a half. I'm especially lucky to have a wonderful mum, who came and stayed with us (on and off) for the first week. I don't know what I would have done without her: she looked after the kids while caring for me too, keeping up a constant supply of icy drinks and ice packs! My kids have been supportive and helpful and suitably concerned for their poor mum who suddenly can't talk at more than a whisper.

* Pain medication! I was on some pretty strong stuff for the first week and it gave me a lot of relief and helped me to be able to get a bit of sleep. I see it as a blessing!

* That I had prepared myself for the recovery period. I've been very glad that I did my research before the operation (as scary as those internet sites are). That meant I wasn't surprised by how hard the first 10 days after adult tonsillectomy are. I also picked up a few good strategies to manage the pain: my advice, for anyone contemplating similar adventures, is that ice is the key!!

* Friends who helped in various ways (picking kids up and taking them places, cooking meals and snacks for the family) and who let me know they were thinking of me in different ways.

* That this was temporary. Seriously, I was more conscious than ever of what it must be like for those who live with constant, chronic pain. ...

* That this will (hopefully!) improve my general health. It will be nice to be off the antibiotics after three months of them!

Thanks to all who have been praying for me. I really appreciate it!


Therese said...

Oh Nic, you HAVE been in the wars, haven't you? However you have still had such a thankful attitude, which is so encouraging.
I got my tonsils out when I was 23 or 24, and I remember the pain very acutely, and it is just misery, so I give thanks that you have such a loving husband and mother by your side helping you recover, and such caring children.
Thankful for the other opportunities you have at the moment too. x

Nicole said...

Hi Therese, it's not much fun is it? I'm very glad to have it behind me now and hoping my health will improve as a result! Take care!!