Tuesday, 19 November 2013

9 years old

Yesterday I handed in my project for college so today I am experiencing the inevitable slump which I find comes whenever I jump any big hurdle like this! 

In the middle of my rush to finish it, our family celebrated two more birthdays!  First, my beautiful first-born daughter turned 9 last week. I'm enjoying seeing her grow up. I love her razor-sharp wit, her kind heart, her vivid and surprising imagination and her ability to think about things deeply. Most of all it is wonderful to see her wrestle with what it means to live out her Christian faith.

We did a few special things to celebrate. We had three families from church (all with girls her age)around after school on the day. Each family had four kids so we had an instant party with 16 kids! It was a lot of fun - very low key, but a lot of fun. She loves owls, so I attempted an owl cake. Cake decorating is really not my gift, so I was pretty happy that it did actually resemble an owl!

After her afternoon tea celebration with our friends we headed off to my mum and dad's for dinner. The fun continued with an overnight stay for the older three and then an outing to Darling Harbour the next day for a play in the water playground and an ice cream. The next day it was Dave's birthday, but we celebrated in a more subtle style with a church AGM!

Cake at my mum and dad's place...

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Trevor Cairney said...

I love your description of Bec, how fortunate she is to have parents who know her so well and love her so much.