Monday, 25 March 2013

Things I'm enjoying about Cambridge # 5 :Snow

The snow here is still a novelty for us and there is much excitement in our family whenever it falls. Admittedly I didn't expect to be enjoying it in late March, but it is beautiful.

Here are some photos I snapped as we walked home from church yesterday through the snow.


Duncan said...

Has this been the first time any of you have seen snow?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole

Glad you and your family are enjoying your time in the UK. Your posts on your explorations and discoveries are super.

Have you discovered the delights of Radio 4 and Radio 4 extra since you have been here? If not I would recommend them, as there are some interesting factual, drama and comedy programmes, primarily for adults, on them both. I am sure you would find something that you and your husband would enjoy and find interesting.

You can either listen live or later via the Radio section of BBC iplayer on your computer ( or via the iplayer radio app on a smartphone.

I regularly listen to programmes on my smartphone while doing chores at home. It makes the ironing, washing up and cleaning the bathroom much more enjoyable! The programmes I enjoy include the Food Programme, Crossing Continents with stories from around the world, older comedy programmes on Radio 4 Extra and programmes that go deeper on topical stories.

Praying you and your family continue to enjoy your time here.


Trevor Cairney said...

Wonderful photos Nic, poor spring flowers!

Nicole said...

Hi Duncan, it is the first time for the kids!

Thanks Linda for that suggestion - sounds great! I will try and listen.

And dad, I was pleased to see that the flowers survivied when I walked past the other day!