Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Things I'm enjoying about Cambridge #4 - Playgroup

Lydia and I have started attending the play group which is run by our church here in Cambridge. Every Monday morning I leave the older three kids a pile of reading and maths to work through and leave them under the supervision of Dave (who works from home that morning) and head out for a special morning together. We have a marvellous time!

We haven't managed to join a play group in Sydney yet - partly because she was a little young for me to feel motivated and partly because I was a bit overcommitted last year! But after seeing how much she enjoys play group here - the chance to play with some different toys, sing some songs, do some craft and mix with other little kids, I am hoping I will able to join one in Sydney when we return. I love having the chance to give her some special attention when we're there, not to mention the opportunity to have a cup of tea and a chat with some other mums.

Here are some photos of her at playgroup this week (mainly for the grandparents!):


Trevor Cairney said...

Lydia looks like she's having fun. She's so cute!

Libby said...

Are you homeschooling the older kids then Nicole? How's it going?

Nicole said...

she does enjoy jt dad!

Yes Libby we are homeschooling while here. They are actually still enrolled in their schools back home. It is going REALLY well. We're all loving it - Cambridge is a great place to do something like this!