Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Things I'm enjoying about Cambridge # 2: choir

One of the highlights of the kids' week is attending a children's choir on a Wednesday afternoon. We had been keen for the kids to join something like this while we were here so they could meet a few local kids and enjoy singing and learning music.

We have been thrilled with this choir. The woman who runs it does it as a community service. It's free and while the musical standard is high, the emphasis is on fun and social relationships. It runs for two hours on a Wednesday afternoon and not only includes a lot of singing, they usually have a craft activity and a couple of snack breaks. My kids have been loving it.

This afternoon, it got even better when the choir sang at a local nursing home. I took the kids along and it gave me a lot of joy to see my kids (along with the rest of the choir), bringing happiness to the residents through their singing. The kids loved it too. Rebecca had a conversation with a lady who was a hundred years old, which was the highlight of her day.

Here they are in their matching choir t-shirts, ready to sing!


Trevor Cairney said...

And I bet it was the highlight of the centenarian's day too!

Anonymous said...

Enjoying hearing about life in Cambridge! Impressed with the lady who runs the choir - good on her.
Hope Dave's work continues well in the background...

Caroline E

Nicole said...

Thanks Caroline - glad you are enjoying hearing about our life here at the moment. :) Dave is getting lots of work done which is making him happy!