Thursday, 14 February 2013


I had a birthday this week. Since it was my first birthday in the Northern hemisphere it was a birthday with a difference! Dave took the day off work and (after bacon and eggs for breakfast, courtesy of Dave and Jacob) we decided to go for an adventure.

First we drove to Kenilworth Castle which was eerily beautiful in the snow:

It was closed to visitors (we knew this in advance), but I think it was still fun - in some ways, a little more so - to be able explore around it all on our own.

Then we went on to Stratford upon Avon where we had lunch in the (aptly named) 'Food of Love' cafe across the road from Shakespeare's birthplace:

Then onto Shakespeare's birthplace itself:

Dave and Lydia spent a bit of quality time in the garden there as well:

And lastly we went down the road to the house next door to Shakespeare's last house (currently the site of an archaeological dig):

We liked the knot garden there:

Then back home for some cake that Dave and the older girls had made for me:

It was an ambitious day out with four young kids, but LOTS of fun and totally worth it. I had a wonderful day.


Tasmanian said...

Happy bday :)

Trevor Cairney said...

It must have been a wonderful day Nic. Love Dad

Erin said...

What an awesome day! I never got to Strathford apron Avon, it would have been lots of fun to see :)

Nicole said...

it was a great day :)